young child begins autism spectrum disorder treatment programAutism is a growing issue in the United States with approximately 1 in 54 children affected by it, according to the CDC. Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that is evidenced by several symptoms in the child. It also widely varies depending on where your child is on the spectrum. Children can range from needing extensive support to only minimal therapeutic services. But whatever they fall at on the spectrum, autism spectrum disorder treatment care is always in order. If you’re wondering about autism care near Fort Worth, TX for your child, you will find this type of care at an autism treatment center. Find the right treatment program and help your child grow into a healthy and happy young adult.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Programs

Why is it important to get your child in one of the autism spectrum disorder treatment programs? When you provide your child with early intervention programs and therapies, they can make significant movement forward by the time they are older and ready for school, work, relationships, and so on. These programs also help children to interact appropriately within the family dynamic, thus relieving some of the stress and anxiety that may arise. Finally, children who soar to new skill levels will be more confident, happy, and secure.

So, how do autism spectrum disorder treatment programs work? What is involved and what can you expect when your child enters one of these treatment programs?

First, you can expect to participate anywhere from 10-25 hours a week. Most likely, your child will stay involved with an autism spectrum disorder treatment program for a few years. However, the entire program will be based on the needs of your child and can be customized to fit everyone’s schedule accordingly.

Treatment will help the child learn the necessary skills and some programs even provide practical help for the parents, which can be a great benefit for the whole family. The following treatments are a few that you may encounter:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

ABA therapy programs, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, focuses on helping children who need to redirect negative thinking or anxiety to a more positive mindset. It’s common for autistic children to also have co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression. This therapy helps the child gain control over their thought patterns, and therefore, their behavior.

Speech Therapy

Speech limitations are common with autism, as well. Some children cannot speak or have difficulty expressing themselves. Speech therapy works with both types of problem areas.

Occupational Therapy

Motor skills are addressed in occupational therapy. Whether it’s difficulty getting dressed or struggles with writing, occupational therapy provides your child with motor skill exercises that promote flexibility.

Social Skills Training

Social skills are one of the greatest areas of need for children on the spectrum. It requires a multi-faceted approach to overcome this challenge. Through social stories, modeling, and social skills training, your child can learn the proper etiquette for social situations.

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By working with compassionate therapists and a customized program, your child will learn strategies and overcome challenges so that they are prepared for whatever the future holds. At a reputable autism treatment center, you can expect to find many valuable services and resources that will benefit the whole family. Some of these include:

  • Early intervention
  • Targeted intervention
  • Parenting resources and services
  • Telehealth services

Don’t let an autism diagnosis interfere with your family life. There are qualified autism spectrum disorder treatment programs that will provide hope for your child.